Tuesday, January 25, 2011

National Food Security Act 2011

National Advisoty Council of India has completed the draft-proposal on National Food Security under suprvision of UPA chairperson Ms Sonia Gandhi. This 10th January, 2011 proposal aims at eliminating poverty in both rural and urban population. By introducing this act, seventy five percent of the population will be benefitted (90% of the rural and 50% of urban popalation) — the proposal gives assurance of helping eighty crore of people directly.

Initially, thirty five kilograms of rice at the rate of three per kgs will be distributed among the two hundred poorest districts including those inhabitated by maoist. Food grains will be distributed through Public Distribution System (PDS).

The plan of introducing Community Kitchen in sixty four cities has been chalked out. — objective is to feed poor and distressed classes a full meal twice daily.As per Global Hunger Index for 2009 (FAO), India ranks 65th out of 88 countries.

Highlights of the programme

Five long-term projects will sufficiently be served by this act — 1) Social Security 2) Children Nutrition Security 3) Decentralized Public Distribution System 4) Mid-day Meal Scheme 5) Antyodaya Anna Yojana

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