Thursday, April 3, 2008

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       Ghana, the land of cocoa, is one of the sweetest destinations of the African continent. The natural beauty is permanently infusing strength to the local people to live. The rural people, though a little rustic in nature, the urban populace is in a stage of adaptation with the changing pace of the time. These people are very much alienated from social and political melodrama of the outer world; rather they are happy to protect their own culture in their own style. 

       Though, economic condition of the country looks very poor, fraternity among the people is worth mentioning. Education and medication are dependent on foreign aid; most of the consumables come from outside the country and thus prices of essential commodities are a little bit higher in the local market. Tourism is growing along-with cocoa cultivation.

           Football is the prime sports of Ghana. Young kids play the game in the nearby grassland specially during the afternoon. Evening is the time for come back home and rest; they usually woke up much early in the morning and start doing their daily work.In spite of it's smallness, the country is rich enough to publish several newspapers in local as also in English language. Television and internet media are gradually approaching. Here is a list of media organizations that Ghana has nurtured so far --

Focus On Ghana
    Ghana Deals
    Ghana News
Ghana For All                 Ghana Palaver (Accra)     
     Ghanaian Newsrunner
My Joy Online 
    The New Ghanaian 
    News Africa Online  Sub-Saharan Informer
     This Is Ghana
Vibe Ghana
     TheGhana Post
     The Ghana Mirror
Online News      e-Paper Accra
    The Chronicle
Ghana Television
      24X7 News
    Online Movie

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