Saturday, July 10, 2010

Electronic Voting Machine - EVM

The Electronic Voting Machines have been manufactured by two Central Government undertakings, namely, Electronics Corporation of India Limited, Hyderabad and Bharat Electronics Limited, Bengaluru. There are two models of the Electronic Voting Machines which are being used for the conduct of election in the country — existing model and upgraded model. There is only one difference pertaining to the display on the panels of the machines.

The Electronics Voting System operates on a 6 volts battery and can be used anywhere under any conditions. It is tamperproof, errorfree and easy to operate. Both the units of the evm machine are supplied in two separate carrying cases which are easily portable. The polling information once recorded in the voting machine is retained in its memory even when the battery is removed.

Electronic Voting System consists of two units – Control Unit and Ballot Unit. These two units ae interconnected, when the voting evm machine is put in operation, by means of a cable, one end of which is permanently attached to the ballot unit.

One ballot unit caters to upto sisteen candidates. On the ballot unit, there is provision for display of the ballot paper containing the particulars of the election, the serial numbers and names of contesting candidates and the voting symbols respectively allotted to them by the Election Commission. There is a blue button against the name of each candidate. By pressing this blue button, the voter can record his vote in favour of the candidate of his choice. To protect voting machine fraud, alongside the said button, there is also a lamp for each candidate – the lamp glows red when the vote is recorded. Simultaneously, a beep sound is also be heard.

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