Saturday, June 14, 2014

Origin of Television in India

Television was introduced in India on an experimental measure in the year 1959. It was the time when people could hardly believe that one day pictures and movies will reach at their bed-room within seconds from across the world. Though their earlier experience with the radio broadcasting in India by All India Radio gave them immense confidence over this issue; still they had some doubts in mind. 

Historically, the first telecasting was made in India on 5th September, 1959 from the All India Radio Station, situated in the capital city of Delhi. As soon as the development in the telecasting industry took place, the then Government  of India started thinking on how to use this medium in the development of the socio-economic condition of the country. 

With an intervention of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the process of development in the television industry was initiated - firstly, PHILIPS, the electronic giant, ensured to provide lateral transmitting device and secondly the United States Government placed an option before the Indian counterparts for providing required equipments for telecasting. 

In 1961, an educational programme was aired for the first time and thus opened new ways and means for the Government to disseminate knowledge among the people of the country. In 1965, Doordarshan Kendra started offering daily services for a limited hours which gradually extended up-to three hours at the fag end of 1970. Indira Gandhi was the minister for Information and Broadcasting in 1964 and was responsible for rapid growth of the television industry in India.

Expansion of television transmission over the country took place gradually - Bombay (1972), Srinagar and Amritsar (1973), Calcutta, Chennai and Lucknow (1975) were among the lucky few to experience television in its initial dates. In 1976, Doordarshan Kendra start functioning as a separate unit de-linking from All India Radio (AIR). The landmark event of Indian television industry is the advancement of colour television in 1982 - the year marked in Indian history for organizing New Delhi Asian Games - the games was telecast and got huge acclamation from all corners.

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