Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World's worst judicial disaster

About 40 tonnes of toxic methyl isocyanate gas leaked from a tank in the Union Carbide Plant of Bhopal, exposing more than five lakh people to its deadly effects.

Individuals: Keshub Mahindra (Chairman, UCIL); Vijay Gokhale (Vice Chairman); Kishore Kamdar (Vice Chairman)and five other persons / 8th convict B. Roy Chowdhury died during trial

Punishment (Concurrent)

Section 304A IPC (causing death by negligence): two years jail, fine of Rupees one lakh only
Section 336 (endangering life): three months jail, fine of Rupees two hundred fifty only
Section 337 (causing hurt): six months jail, fine of Rupees five hundred only
Section 338 (grievous hurt): two years jail, fine of Rupees one thousand only

Total Deaths: 15,134 (nearly 4000 died within days)
Total victims: 5.7 lakh

Union Carbide paid $470m (then Rs.705 Cr.) in compensation to Indian Goverment in 1989. Dow Jones, who bought the company in 1999, rejected any further claims.

Warren Anderson was the chairman and CEO of Union Carbide Corporation

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